NuCanoe Fishing Kayak Rental

Have you fished from a NuCanoe fishing kayak rental? If not, then you are missing a whole new experience. A NuCanoe fishing kayak rental allows you to get to places that boats simply cannot. Quietly paddle out to enjoy one of the most stable kayak fishing experiences out there. img_6231

NuCanoe Fishing Kayak Rental…

You can rent any kayak or canoe we offer for fishing at the normal rental rate. For those who want the true kayak fishing experience. We also offer a NuCanoe Fishing Kayak Rental with a fishing setup for those who are a little more serious in their fishing platforms. There are two models, the NuCanoe Frontier (recommended) and Classic for rentals and the fisherman. These boats offer stability, tracking and multiple options to there set up. So you can feel comfortable fly fishing and casting standing up or sitting down and casting with a spinning rod. Jarvis Creek Water Sports will offer two setups with the NuCanoe fishing kayaks. The Base NuCanoe fishing kayak is to be the starter fishing boat. For the avid fisherman we will offer the Professional NuCanoe fishing kayak rental. There is a limited supply of boats and setups we offer for rent. If you are also interested in the NuCanoe line, this is a great way of testing a boat before purchasing one. Make a day trip or longer from Savannah, Beaufort, Charleston, or Jacksonville and throw a line out in Jarvis Creek. If you would like to try a NuCanoe fishing, kayak rental in Hilton Head. Call ahead to save yours today. Since we operate as first reserved, first served.

Boat sizes for rent, Frontier in 12 & 10 foot, Classic in 12 foot. The 10 foot model is initially not quite as stable as the Frontier 12, but the secondary stability is just as solid. After a little time on the water you may be able to stand / paddle or stand / fish. Not included with rentals; fishing license, poles, tackle, bait, cooler, nets or other desired/ required fishing gear. We handle the boat and options with in the boat, you are responsible for anything else. It is always recommended to check tides and weather before you go out. NuCanoe Fishing Kayak Rental is a great stable way to fish in some of those hard to access by boat areas.

What is included in Base NuCanoe fishing kayak rental:

  • NuCanoe boat
  • Single seat setup (expedition seat)
  • 2 rod holders
  • Aluminum NuCanoe Paddle
  • Fishing life jacket or paddle life jacket
  • Dry bag
  • Anchor & 50′ of line
(mobile, slide R to L below)
Fishing Rental
Base NuCanoe
2nd Person (additional)
2 hr$50.$25.
3 hr$60.$30.
4 hr$70.$35.
6 hr$90.$60.
3 Day$180.$60.
Week (5-7D)$220.$60.
Weekly rental upgrade to the above fishing package (limited quantities available) 1st Person  2nd (upgrade in seat only)
W/ Max 360 swivel seat and fiberglass paddle w/ angler measurement  $235 / Week  $80 / Week

*2nd Person optional with 12′ Frontier (includes aluminum paddle, life jacket, 1 rod holder and expedition seat) img_6904

Professional NuCanoe fishing kayak rental upgrade: 

  • Base fishing rental with the following upgrades below.
  • Max 360 swivel seat instead of Expedition seat
  • Transformer paddle light or fiberglass paddle both w/ angler measurement tape, instead of aluminum paddle.
  • Casting Bar (recommend on Frontier 12 over 10 if standing in a NuCanoe Frontier unless you have good standing stability) or fish crate & mighty slide mount (limited availability)
Fishing Rental
2 hr$60.
3 hr$70.
4 hr$80.
6 hr100.
3 Day$190.
Week (5-7D)$245.

Optional fishing rental extras:

Optional Extras to the above fishing packages (limited quantities available) Price
Transport cart
(for off site rentals)
$20 / Week
A third rod holder
(Tube, Fly or Spinning rod holders)
Panfish Portrait
(Capture your fishing experience with this low profile camera mount with ¼-20 camera stud connection… we do not supply camera and use yours at own risk)
Visipole & Flag
(Be visible at all times and conditions, and a coast guard approved light )
$20 / Week
All of the above on week rental. $50
Delivery available for additional cost Call


*Not included, fishing license, poles, tackle, bait, cooler, nets or other desired/ required fishing gear. We handle the boat and options with in the boat, you handle and are responsible for everything else.
**(Prices above are subject to change)


Where can I get a fishing license? At SCDNR online (and State fishing information) or you can easily go into Wal-Mart just down the road to buy the DNR licence there.
Where can I buy fishing gear and/or bait? (Map locations) Wal-Mart, Dicks Sporting Goods, West Marine, and local professional store Southern Drawl Outfitters.