Jarvis Creek Water Sports is a small one man business located at the North end of Hilton Head Island and has been in business for about 20+ years now. Since JCWS has been in business it has been a small outfit with the same owner and one person who works the store and out guiding the tours. If you call or come to rent or take a tour you will be talking with Mark.


img_1800 897 Mary


Business degree and Political Science
Likes the outdoors and learning about our environment, nature, traveling, film / photography, computers, gardening, surfing, kayaking, back country hiking / camping in the mountains, climbing among other activities. One of his grandfather’s hobbies was to take nature hikes or go kayaking looking for great photography shots and you could say some of it rub off on Mark as well.
From Kayaking in Alaska, to hiking on the Great Wall in China, snorkeling the reefs in San Blas Islands and Bora Bora. Mark has traveled to many different locations in the world and plans do more in the future.
10 years of Junior Military training with many summer boot-camps around local military bases. First Aid and CPR certified, P.A.D.I. (scuba diving) certified, worked on local shrimp boat for several summers. Favorite classes in College were geology, environmental and international politics.


Mark was born in Northern Michigan (by Mackinaw Bridge) and has grown up on Hilton Head. From surfing the shores of the island and boating on the back side as well as from being from the Great Lakes, he has grown up on the water. Growing-up in the area and working out in the waters on a shrimp boat surrounding the island catching some of the food we come to the low-country to enjoy. He has also seen many changes the island has gone through over the years. These provide some of the best learning experiences, hands on learning out in the surrounding environment. As a guide with Jarvis Creek Water Sports, he will share this knowledge with you as you paddle along the creek looking and exploring the environment first hand. But, Mark will tell you that he is not an expert, he may know more then the average person about the wildlife of the creek but there is always something more some one can learn whether it is about the creek and nature or in general life. As they say, “When we stop learning, then we stop living.”