Photo Gallery

Welcome to Jarvis Creek Water Sport’s photo gallery.  Below are a few images which we thought you might enjoy and would like to share with you. (Some photos you are about to enjoy are large for quality, depending on your connection, it may take a second to load.)

If you are in the gallery from going out with us in the current year and would like a copy, email me your name, date (or around date you went out), name of picture and your email address. In the free time, I will email it out. If you have a photo to share in return from your adventures with us, you can upload them at the Share Photo section.


Jarvis Creek's nature and scenic views surrounding the area.

124 Photos


Pictures taken by Jarvis Creek Water Sport's Staff of fellow paddlers out enjoying what Jarvis Creek has to offer.

273 Photos


These pictures were taken and shared by our fellow paddlers.

48 Photos


Fisherman out fishing in Jarvis Creek and fishing kayaks. Looking to add more catch photos to the gallery from Jarvis Creek for those fisherman out there up to the challenge.

50 Photos


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