Are you looking for a guided small group (usually between 4 and 10 people) tours of the low-country’s Eco-system while on Hilton Head? We offer 2hr kayak tours (avg 1.5hr water time) right off our docks into one of the low-country’s wonders.  Jarvis Creek is a small creek on Hilton Head which is connected to the Inter-coastal Water Way and dead ends up by Honey Horn Plantation (Coastal Discovery Museum).  Jarvis Creek is diverse in wildlife and has little boat traffic to contend with making it a great creek for beginners, kayaker’s with children or naturalist who are looking for the feeling of getting away into nature when you are still on the island. We have a wide selection of crafts (boats line up in photos on top or rentals page) to select from to help you feel more comfortable along your journey exploring this amazing creek. If you build a little appetite while out on the kayak tours, you can always come back and eat at one of the two Crazy Crab’s on Hillton Head right next to us.


At Jarvis Creek Water Sports we provide for tours:

  • Life jacket(s), paddle and kayak. (we offer a variety of styles of kayaks and canoes single and double person boats)
  • Introduction to paddling and safety before trip.
  • Knowledgeable guide
  • An enjoyable paddle time in among one of Hilton Head’s sheltered estuaries.

Tours are roughly broken down but maybe a little faster or slower depending on tour size, group of people in the tour itself and season. Please look over the Q&A page with many questions commonly asked, based off some comments and few reviews this would have helped with some expectations for a more enjoyable trip if read.

  • Most people on tours tend to be less experienced, so we ask for those of you who are to be patient with those who are not for the tour.
  • We are a one man operated shop; handling the phone, rentals and tours. As much as we try to stay on schedule sometimes during season things may be delayed 10-15 mins or so, please plan buffer room around your schedules as we try to when we schedule. Sometimes a tour maybe extended a little if the group is good with that because we got started a little late.
  • The first 20-40 mins (depending how many people on tour and people’s speed) is release forms signed / payments, life jackets, restrooms (some run over to Crazy Crab where the restrooms are before we go), boat selection of the styles, fitting the kayak with adjustments to you, paddle and safety instructions.
  • The next 80-100 mins on average is paddling in the creek talking about the wildlife in the local ecosystems. Although you can kayak anytime, wildlife viewing is based off the tides unfortunately which changes daily. The tours speed and distance in based off the group being toured with an average distance of 2-3 miles a tour. During hotter times the group may tend to vote on the shorter side or maybe even a little earlier back. For those with young kids, around 60 mins out on the water in the sun will tend to be enough especially during the summer sometimes. You will know yourself and your group better than we will when it comes to what you can handle. Be mindful though, on tours we travel as a group at the pace, distance and time out up to the average, as a group.
  • With years after years of this tour, this seems to be the system which works with the vast majority of the clientele. With that said though, a tour is not for everyone and no one style tour will work with everyone but the tour is geared to the majority. A rental may work better for others
  • Again, there is more in depth of this information among other questions you may have answered on the Q&A page from many questions commonly asked.

We recommend or suggest that you bring:

  • Old sneakers (preferred) or a type of Crocs / sandals (or something similar with heel strap), flip-flops are not recommended since they do not offer great feet protection if needed in the creek because the mud will suck them off and oysters are extremely sharp.
  • Something to drink (no-alcohol) or we have something cold in the store for purchase (maybe more than one bottle per person depending on the season). You may get thirsty while out kayaking especially during the summer when you need to stay hydrated.
  • Sunblock, sunglasses, hat, chap-stick (whatever you may need to help protect yourself from the sun and sun’s reflection from the water.
  • With kids or even adults during the summer especially, to help stay cool, a towel you can wet before going out in the hose to wear around your neck damp to help stay cool. The guide, Mark will often wear with a hat and sunglasses are what most call “neck gators” during the sunnier (higher UV) and hotter time of year, one will be wet around the neck to help stay cool and the other may come over his face sometimes (like you see on fisherman) to help protect from sun since some have an SPF of 50 but unfortunately may muffle the voice a little because he is on the water often, these help block the sun from the lips and face on top of the sunblock/protective lip balm being worn, although he still gets crispy lips sometimes from being out there which is not as fun.
  • Bug spray if you think you may need it.
  • Camera for capturing memories. (Just remember, you are responsible for what ever you choose to take out in case of loss or damage)
  • Any personal medical that you may require if in a case of emergency, IE. Epipen if possibly stung by jelly fish if there should be an accident.
Tour – Time Morning
Tour – Time Afternoon
By Appointment, call (843) 681-9260
By Appointment, call (843) 681-9260
call (843) 689-6767 for availability.
By Appointment, call (843) 681-9260
call (843) 689-6767 for availability.
By Appointment, call (843) 681-9260
call (843) 689-6767 for availability.
By Appointment, call (843) 681-9260
By Appointment, call (843) 681-9260
By Appointment, call (843) 681-9260
Closed Saturday and Sunday.
First Reserved, First Served by appointment and if available room remains, others maybe scheduled and combined with tour.

Tour sizes are between 4 and up to 10 people (12 during busy season or multiple families with kids). For family / group tours over 12 people , special arrangements must be made in advance. “By Appointment” is first call, first reserved times = first served and additional groups maybe added / combined to tour to fill a tour.