Spring Fishing Report March 2014

For you fisherman out there; here are a few reports of what is going on.

Spottail Bass: Good.  Bay Street Outfitters (843-524-5250) in Beaufort reports that fish remain schooled up on the flats, and the key to catching them is a very stealthy presentation.  On the fly light leaders down to 10-pound fluorocarbon, and small size 4 or 6 flies in light colors such as tan and white are best.  On spinning tackle use as light a jighead as you can get cast, tipped with a light colored grub body such as a tan/ chartreuse paddle tail grub or a Gulp! Shrimp.  Mirrolure shallow suspended twitch baits, now available in even smaller sizes, can also be good this time of year.

Captain Dan “Fishin’ Coach” Utley (843-368-2126) in Hilton Head reports that fishing is unpredictable, and on his last trip the fish had lockjaw – while two days before they caught 20 fish with half in the slot and half 24-27 inches!  On low water the fish are too spooky to feed right now, but around high tide they will feed, particularly around grass with oyster beds.   The high outgoing tide is probably best right now.  Some days fish will take a free-lined live minnow – which is very exciting to watch them eat – but on some days only Gulp! shrimp on a 1/4 ounce jighead are effective.  Cast as far away from the boat as possible and work the bait as slowly as possible – sometimes it’s necessary to let the bait sit still and wait for a bite.  Fish will get more active and aggressive as spring approaches.  Do not count on fish being in the same spots from day to day as dolphins are taking advantage of the clear water and keeping the fish on the move.

No new trout reports.

Offshore: No new report from Captain Wally Phinney (843-838-7437).

Source: “SC Fish Report