Kayaking Hilton Head and more.

Kayaking Hilton Head and More…

Time to get out in the water and have fun kayaking Hilton Head or hydro-biking.


We were lucky this year, or not, depending how you feel about winter. For the warmer outdoor enthusiast, it has been a great spring time so far. Great weather as in not to cool where you do not enjoy yourself and not to hot as it starts to heat up going into summer. Can we say, “perfect weather for kayaking on Hilton Head” any better? We have been out and about in kayaking Hilton Head’s Jarvis Creek. Also, let not forget, hydro-biking as well.  Experiencing nature at its finest observing; dolphins, young birds, fish jumping, fiddler crabs crabs among other wildlife emerging from the winter’s rest thus far. One of the down sides though to warmer water is also the sights of jelly fish which have been spotted trapped in the grasses of the creek as the tides head out or along the beaches of Hilton Head. Vinegar is handy and a lot of times lifeguard stands along the beach will have it to help with jellyfish stings.



Jarvis Creek Water Sports on Hilton Head has been out on the water this spring with kayak renters, kayak tours and hydro-biking. We are a small outfit which has been in business for close to 15 years providing a fun family experince. If you would like to join us for a relaxing, non-stressful experience in small groups (upto 10 in a tour) in Kayaking Hilton Head’s Jarvis Creek, call us at 843-681-9260 for an appointment between Monday – Friday on first come first served bases or you can sign up with the Coastal Discovery Museum with their reserved kayak tour spot Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10 – 12.