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About mid summer of 2010, Jarvis Creek Water Sports became a NuCanoe dealer. We were looking for some stable family boats to add to our fleet and who we could represent in the area. There ware currently two other dealers in the state of S.C. at the moment.  The NuCanoe is like the swiss-army knife of personal crafts making it great for any family who may need a small craft for multiple occasions rather then multiple boats.

The NuCanoe can be used for hunting, fishing, paddling, and rowing.  There is also a third party which has built a sailing kit that works on the boat as well. There are numerous accessories which can help in customizing your craft to which you may need for your next adventure. The NuCanoes come in two sizes, 10 foot and 12 foot. We like the 12 footer for a little extra length for tracking better and for the families who enjoy it together. The width of the boat makes it really stable and unlike a traditional canoe, has channels and a skeg on the bottom to help it track better through the water.

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Since we are a small store with limited space we do have one base model for sale while we have some others out for tours and rentals. If you know what you would like, we can help you customize a NuCanoe for you and order it. It can be shipped to the store for you to pick-up or we can have it shipped to you when ordered.

If you would like to try one out, we have a few for tours and rentals.

If you are interested and would like one, we can order one to you specifications and have it shipped to your door as well. For questions, prices, tours or rentals… call 843-681-9260.

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