Cold Delayed Local Shrimp Season

Generally up in Jarvis Creek around this time of season kayaking around low-tide, we would be seeing young shrimp running in the shallows. This year unfortunately, the cold from the past two years has put a hurt on the local shrimp and limited their numbers.

More of the story below from the Island Packet.

Shrimp Prices Rise story Photo

Shrimp prices rise; state delays season

The price of shrimp is soaring, with cold winter temperatures, natural disasters and higher fuel costs playing a role in the lack of supply.

Lowcountry shrimp were devastated by the winter cold, meaning almost no fresh local shrimp are available this spring. The earliest any local shrimp might be available is late June because the state has delayed the opening of the commercial season.

The harvest problems couldn’t have come at a worse time. Other domestic and imported shrimp cost consumers more because of factors such as high fuel prices, the Japanese tsunami and flooding in southern Thailand, where much of the shrimp imported to the United States is farmed.

The best hope for local crustaceans now is that brown shrimp, or summer shrimp, show up in enough numbers to open that season by late June.