NuCanoe Frontiers are here at Jarvis Creek

NuCanoe Frontier Rentals and Tours

The NuCanoe Frontier has been on our wish list for a little while as for being a small shop. But, our fleet recently got a little bigger with the addition of the NuCanoe Frontier for rentals (demos) and tours. It felt like Christmas when the shipment came in with the new boats all wrapped up waiting to be opened. We received mostly 12 footers with a 10 footer Frontier to add to our fleet and one new 12 footer in the store for sale with a few optional additional accessories at NuCanoe prices.

img_6278 img_6280

The NuCanoe Frontier provides more stability then the classic with easier standing with the wide deck. Water drains out through the built in rear scuppers to keep your feet drier from catching that large fish or splashing water on your self to cool off. Many more options are now available for customizing these boats especially to the fisherman which the classic was already popular. It is a an easier boat to pickup by oneself (although a little heavier) then the classic with the ridges in the bottom to grip by hand when carrying off one’s hip. The cart does make it even easier though when by yourself.

img_6285 img_6448

It feels very comfortable paddling one out with my DSLR and standing up in it taking pictures with the camera. Although it is a little harder to get closer to wild life in that sense because of the wider-flatter channeled bottom compared to the classic produces a slight lapping sound of the water (it was also a little windy on test day when they arrived). But it can also be expected with wider boats and flatter bottoms which produce the stability. It feels like a kayak, canoe and SUP board hybrid when paddling. Seated low on standard bench seats like a kayak, wide for stability like a canoe and stand up paddling like a SUP. The Nucanoe Frontier makes a great boat for those trailing reds up in the marsh flats and getting into those areas where the motor boats can not go.

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If you have been looking for the NuCanoe Frontier to rent or buy we can help you. We have both 10 and 12 footer to test on the water and what we do not have in the store, we can custom order it for you. If you would like to rent a Frontier for demo or look at one. Just call 843-681-9260 since Jarvis Creek Water Sports operates by appointments being a one man shop. We will shortly be offing Frontier fishing rental packages.

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Shrimp Boat update and in the News.

It has been a little while since I have been able to give an update.

The shrimp boats have has their fuel (close to 1000 gal) and hazard material removed by the Coast Guard. Unfortunately the shrimp boats them selves are still out there and breaking apart fast. There has been a lot more boat traffic in the creek since the accident, everyone wants to see the sunken shrimp boats. Some even think its cool and add a charm. The down side is that Lady Essie is breaking apart fast with items floating up and down the creek. Mark has pulled a few pickup truck loads of it out which was floating along the creek to the trash. Coolers, foam, boards and other items. There is still a mid refrigerator out there a little to big to get into a canoe safely floating in the grass area along with other debris. Lady Essie really has no back deck left to it now as it breaks apart and the walls are pulling apart as well.Diane, so far is holding together a little better at the moment, for how long, no one really know.


The boats were in the news a little while ago and so were we.