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NuCanoe will officially be announcing the new 10′ Frontier in the coming weeks. More marketing information will follow then, but they gave us the OK to mention it coming since it is in the new price list.

From NuCanoe News email received today:

“We are only two months away from beginning shipments of the Frontier 10!  It seems we’ve been getting “Are you going to make a 10′ Frontier?” inquiries almost daily, so I am confident this is going to be a popular boat!”

So many Options
So many options to choose from to fit your needs

Based off popular setups and many customer request. NuCanoe has re-added fishing package setups to the order catalog based off some popular setups. You can view these setups in the PDF catalog list below and the prices are in the Rev 2013 Price List. The Prices and accessories we offer through NuCanoe is below. Since there are so many options, we can help walk you through and setup a custom boat to fit your needs.

 Rev 2013 NuCanoe Product Catalog list.(PDF)

Early 2013 NuCanoe Prices List has now been updated with the New 10′ Frontier and package prices, Rev 2013 NuCanoe Price list (Fishing Package prices, 10% savings)

To get started, here’s a brief overview of Frontier Fishing Packages:

  1. The packages can be added to Frontier 10 & Frontier 12 models in any color.
  2. Boats and accessories still ship separately, so “assembling” the packages on the boats is up to you.
  3. Packages require no drilling, screwing, or cutting to install – nothing is permanent.
  4. Packages offer a choice of color for Max 360 Seats and style for rod holders – spinning, fly, or tube.



Limited information right now on the 10′ Frontier, for any other questions please give us a call at Jarvis Creek Water Sports 843-681-9260 to help you customize a boat to your needs. Visit our NuCanoe Store Page

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